A Mayor of Tehov

Last night I’ve been elected a mayor of our community, the 800+ citizens village named Tehov (map). To put it cautiously, our constitutive meeting was surprisingly demanding, both on the side of us, the newly elected council of nine, and the 50+ citizens of our municipality who attended the act. There were several mostly mandatory topics discussed. The most thorough debate though addressed the wages of the council members. Namely those of the new mayor and the new vice-mayor. The number of people who seemingly expect their fellow citizens to work hard yet for free for their own community (which, by the way, more than doubled in the last decade, both in size and its population) seemed to be strikingly high yesterday. Or perhaps and more likely their voices were just a tiny bit louder then the voice of the quiet (and alas rather absent) majority of our understanding voters.

To have a complete picture it is rather important to note that our independent party Tehov 2014 won the election with an overwhelming 80% of votes, all that with a major and openly published concept of two candidates ready to start working full time for the community immediately. The outcome of the elections was an essential confirmation of this plan of ours, as both of these our nominees were elected with the highest absolute count of votes. This was a very strong public message confirming, we should and are expected to start working hard right away. Amazingly enough the outcome of the last night convention was not that clear at all. Both because of the present people, majority of which was from the beaten electorate, and more importantly because of ourselves, the new council, obviously not adequately and equally prepared to bear a natural load of a first public squeeze.

Let’s see where all this goes in the weeks, months and years to come. It is undoubtably an exciting shift in our lives and speaking for my very self, regardless of the slightly constrained outcomes of the yesterday’s initial meeting, I still am looking forward to this experience and opportunity. Most importantly I would like to thank to everyone involved, regardless of any difference of our opinions.

Obviously, the future is never clear, though the important thing is, we shall work to keep it bright.

Love and gingers.