Let me drop a few bits about myself. My name is David Karel Kryštof Hlouch, people usually tend to call me David. From a socio-cultural point of view I am a husband of one and father of two. I have entered this world short after the first release of the Quick and Dirty Operating System. My original country of birth widely known as Czechoslovakia no longer exists since 1993 when the Czech Republic, my current homeland, was peacefully founded. I dwell with my family and several pets in an ancient stone wall house under an old burly walnut tree, almost at the center of a mid Bohemian neighbourly village named Tehov.


I work as an authorized architect providing a wide variety of services ranging from a complete project design, production and approval process to a construction site supervision. As an architect, I am a founder of a creative platform brokenBox Unity (for some more details go to hlou.ch/architect).  Next to architecture, I engage my mind with occasional graphical work, CAD/CAM consulting, property investment analytics and construction supervision services. Once upon a time to get my brain some refreshing break I would write some simple code (which indeed is a poetry), fix a stubborn computer or deploy a website or two, most of which under a hood of IT Doctors, a small tech company I’ve co-founded and am running with a good friend of mine. Last but not least, I am a licenced carpenter excited of any minute I can spend woodworking.

Update: As of November 2014 I have been elected a mayor of our municipality thus all my other workbenches mentioned above went a bit aside for now.


Guitar, drums, accordion and piano are merely some of the victims of my regular torturing music sessions. I passionately love to ride pretty much anything with skids, tires or blades, especially when gravity forces would get involved in one way or another. My favourite resources of inspiration include architecture, literature, motion picture, music, photography and most likely any good visual art. Not to only suck from the creative outer space I also tend to contribute back once in a while.


In case of urge please feel free to reach me at my e-mail address david@hlou.ch, or try to ring a bell at +420-608-320-803. Does that sound way too bold? How about the contact form bellow?