Work Preventing Update Conspiracy

Woke up, got some drugs also known as sugar and caffeine, or food, if you will, turned on my computer to do some work before I’ll start wrapping up to disappear in the wilderness of Šumava mountains tonight, when out of nowhere my Windows 10 come up with a sexy invitation to secure themselves with another update, well why not, a little while of background crunching, maybe one more minute when restart is going to be needed, I’m hitting YES and wonders are starting to happen. Now, staring for another hour at my screen saying:

Windows update, 51%, Computer is going to restart several times, etc.

I’m trying not to wonder, how costly this could get if it happens to millions of users worldwide. Dear engineers, I appreciate the work you’ve done. This release of Windows is pretty stable, user friendly and working with it is overall a pretty seamless experience. Although next time, maybe, just try to estimate and show us the extents of an update at the point you ask us if we’re into it. Please. Good morning to Redmont, well played, guys! :)